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21 Jan 2017

People Are Not Smiling; Fight MMM Over Hanging Money

Nigerian participants in the ponzi scheme MMM are losing patience, a week after the resumption of service as the promise to begin payment is becoming a long story.

Thousands of participants whose applications were yet to be attended have been venting their anger on the brains behind the scheme for the frustration in accessing their money.

They rage, curse and threaten unrestrained on the MMM Help platform after unsuccessful attempts to get response to their many inquiries on the status of their money.

One Hayat Mohammed said: “I really need help. I provided help of 50000 now I made a request to get help, the request was processed but I’ve not being matched with another participant who will pay me. They won’t even pick my calls. So my money is lost, isn’t it?...” 
Harrison Ita Etim posted: “I am still in the same shit too till today!” 

Owhotemu Maryjane said: “What is really going on with MMM? If it’s gone you should let us the participants know. And why is that when someone wants to GH it will show or create error? You guys had a month to sort this out during the so-called break! So what then is this so called withdrawal limit that you are now talking about?"

From Santos Maemi came this: “To all Nigerians please wake up. This is totally a scam. Don’t be blind!!!” 

Christopher Chinedu said: “If I knew that this would happen, I shouldn’t have become a participant. Let’s admit we have lost our money. That is business I guess, lose or gain. Somebody has been matched with different people, 4 to be precise and they have not paid him now, many days and month after. Hmmm so who is going to pay who? I think I have cried enough, it’s time for me to clean my eyes now and forget my N700,000. This is not my end.”

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