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10 Feb 2012

Don Jazzy Raising Hell in The Rap Circles

Veteran rapper Terry Madaki popularly known as Terry Tha Rapman has reacted to the recent comments made by Mo’Hits boss Don Jazzy on Nigerian rappers and their style of music.

Don Jazzy in an interview in the latest issue of HipHopWorld Magazine stated that any Nigerian who ventures into rap wouldn’t get respect from their parents.
If you decide that you want to do rap, there is one thing that you should put at the back of your mind; you parents are not proud of you whether you like it or not‘, Don Jazzy said in the current edition of the magazine which has pop star Wizkid on the cover.

The hit maker even went as far as calling the name of respected Hip-Hop iconModenine. ‘I think Modenine is a very good rapper but I’m not a big fan of his music because that’s like the old school of rap. I really can’t understand, I can’t take dictionary and be listening to your lyrics, I’m sorry‘, Don Jazzy said.

Don Jazzy took time to give a brief analysis on his claims, ‘You can’t expect to go to Ajegunle and you put McDonalds on one side and ‘Mama Put’ on the other side and expect the McDonalds to sell more than ‘Mama Put’ that more people can relate to‘.
But Terry, a respected hip hop head who belonged to the same crew ‘SWATROOT‘ as Modenine, Six Foot plus, ELDEE XL, Overdose, and other respected rappers,  says Don Jazzy’s comments are not only derogatory to Nigerian rappers in general but that he has no right to ‘utter such’. The rapper who happens to also be a contributor in the magazine took to Twitter some hours ago to let the steam out.
Just read wat @DONJAZZY said about rappers and rap music,with all due respect datz just WRONG! Its a diss 2 us rappers tho. #BANS‘, @tharapman tweeted.
If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u’ @DONJAZZY (Haba!)‘, he continued.

I find it funny that he dedicated half of his interview to direct disses at Nigerian rappers, it’s surprising yet apologetic‘, Terry told NET in a phone conversation.
Until recently Don Jazzy, who’s the CEO of Mohits Records, never granted interviews. Infact, he built a fascinating brand, around not speaking in public at all – making his partner D’Banj speak on his behalf while he communicated with sign language. But by the end of 2011, shortly after his signing with G.O.O.D music, he embarked on an interview spree; opening up to magazines and TV shows, and even making a surprise appearance on Beat FM, where he spent one afternoon chatting with Toolz.

Modenine hasn’t commented on the matter publicly but close sources say he’s beyond astonshined by the Don Jazzy comment. ‘I really don’t care, no comment on this. What’s the fuss, I’m eating now so I’m ok. I really don’t pay attention to the Naija music scene. The difference is that I won’t call any of them out’, Modenine spoke in an online chat.

Other rappers have however dropped a line or two concerning Don Jazzy’s statements. Buzzing rapper A-Q (who Don Jazzy once commended) tweeted ‘Well I do rap & I don’t give a F if my parents r proud of me or not,I’d rather dey not b proud dan dey be proud of me soundin like D’prince‘. Another veteran rapper Illbliss simply tweeted ‘So our folks ain’t proud of us? Wow‘.

Terry Tha Rapman is putting finishing touches to his mixtape ‘World Domination‘ which is due for a February release while Modenine is currently in the UK, mastering his forthcoming fifth album.

Meanwhile, Don Jazzy has issued a full statement apologizing for his earlier statement. In a release published on the Mo’Hits website, Jazzy explains that he failed by using the phrase ‘not proud of’, personally apologizing to Terry, asking him not to ‘take it the wrong way’ and blaming himself for granting interviews in recent times.
I like rap. I wish I could rap but unfortunately i can’t. That aside what i mean’t was simply the fact that i don’t know any Nigerian parent above 40 that can recite our rap word for word. That would be something. If there are hip fathers and mothers in Nigeria i don’t think they would be more than 5% of parents‘, the statement reads in part.

Ok i apologize for using the words “not proud of” ‘cos you could say a parent is proud of  a child that is a surgeon and can brag to his or her friends about that doesn’t mean that the parent can join the son to carry out a major operation on a patient. Doctor Sid for instance used to be a rapper (and yes i know he was not the best at it). His father used to hate that he was a musician. I personally think he was just frustrated ‘cos he didn’t understand the kind of music he was doing…‘.
‘To those that feel offended by my statement, i am sincerely sorry. I definitely wish us all well. No bad belle or bad blood towards anyone. I do hope i have been able to explain how i mean’t what i said sha na there the english wey i know reach. Thanks for reading. IDJA‘.

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