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22 Oct 2011

Lordofdamic: Hip hop's sweetest sweetheart!

Lordofdamic is nothing short of a maestro. A true hiphop head and vetran in the sense that music has always been part and parcel of his entity since  he was a nipper. He would be easily seen and noticed miming and rhyming in the intoxication of a new song in the most odd places and times.

A beautiful music has come to stay, Sweetest Sweetheart is a song from deep inspiration. This song was released on the 19th of October 2011 as an official first single in his career. The lyrical content drives warm emotion through your veins consistently. Why a song titled 'sweetest sweetheart' for a hip hop debut single? Well, i think we all have numerous sweethearts in our lives, in familyhood and friendship, even as funseekers and real time lovers, but there is always one special person that comes first to our heart and mind, that is the one we can never do woithout, Thats the one according to the song, i refered to as 'my sweetest sweetheart'!

According to him, "My inspiration comes from God especially in times when I don't imagine music. I could be in the market place nagging over a price  of an item and a song comes, clicks! just that moment, i am consumated by music and the primary reason i am in market is quite forgotten".

'Esiri Cuthberth Adjekughele is his real name, born and raised in the heart of Delta state, he is the 6th child of his parents with 8 siblings, father has passed but his beautiful mother still strong and prayerful. Cuthbert in search of good education moved to Lagos and finally got admission into the prestigious University of Lagos in late 1998 to study geo-planning. He  has been more of an ardant listener and writer to classic music. His genre cuts across classic hip hop and R n B, Pop and Inspirational music. His love for music reflects in his exceptional skill in composing/writing and also in his depth of delivery. 

He believes in the original definition and purpose for music being a source of food to the soul and thus should be done to gratify the state  of our minds and crafts. Lordofdamic, though has no critism on vanacular content added to Nigerian music, he does not believe it is the only means to success in music. Listen to him: ' I like to think of myself as the man with the sugar and spice! The one with flavour undiluted,' the type that makes you say; 'Damn!, did that just came from him? He has been underground pre occupied outside music but actually did some collaborations with some fine artistes such as Samklef (Na God Bless me), Mudina (single girls), Obvious (Motivation remix), JChiano (Mic check one), Mr Dazz (Finally), Muno and lots more too numerous to be mentioned. A young but fast rising RnB star named Defla did justice to the hook of the song, sweetest sweetheart, Produced by MUNO a.k.a Mr. Melody.

He further expresses himself, "the pressures from popular demands for popular or  commercial music has eaten deep in the heart of a chunk of Nigerian artistes, hence we don't get the perfect meaning of good music right anymore. Reasons being that , we are more concerned about 'what would people say based on what they are already used to' instead of 'what would people say based on what we are blessed and gifted with'. I respect Tuface and a few other prolific acts because even in their quest to do commercial music, they make a lot of sense to me. Cuthberth believes you can really be a master of popularity and innovator of what you do" with focus and self development, He asserted when questioned about how he intends  to cope in the present Nigerian music scene where every hit song today has huge elements of the regular vernacular or dance-hall and Ajegunle feel.

He is a writer of class and taste and a producer with great sense of creativity. Thus, his music is for all especially folks with discerning minds that cuts across  boundries of international music. He has written several songs and co written with other artiste both locally and internationally, he wrote the James Monroe, "love n passion" and co wrote Muno, "how to love". A young man with a big library containing wealth of virgin songs that will take the right artists with the right attitude beyond the Grammies. He once asserted: 'If i ruled the world?, i would give every international act an hit song for free as dividends of my democracy'

He debuts into the music industry with a classic hip hop beat and song titled : 'sweetest sweetheart'  No doubt, this's a true classic that will be loved and  appreciated by all, irrespective of age or sex.

Sweetest sweetheart is a sure hit and its expected to go places beyond the boundaries of Nigeria and Africa at large.

You can listen and download 'sweetest sweetheart' for free:

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