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16 Oct 2011

Tiwa Savage Hot As She Looks

She’s hot, even your mama knows it. It’s just been a year and she’s taken the number one spot as Nigeria’s hottest female act. Her name is Tiwa Savage and frankly speaking, she’s not playing games. I bet when she left the shores of Nigeria at the early age of 10, she never thought she would come back in grand style.

A lot of her fans including you, you and you don’t even know where she emerged from, but her sultry, sexy and sassy style has got us hooked like an 8-year-old with a sweet tooth in a candy store. Tiwa carries an aura of sensuality around her – something her counterparts have not been able to do for years. Maybe it’s just the right time a new diva emerges, taking a completely different approach from the divas of the older generation who one can say were more graceful and conservative (think Onyeka Onwenu, Christy Essien-Igbokwe, Evi Edna Ogoli).

All it took was one song; the pop smash hit ‘Kele Kele’, for the US returnee to grab the ear of the Nigerian listeners. But it was the video (which some would say is a spin off from Rihanna‘s ‘rude boy’ video) that got us more interested. Then when the buzz was at its highest peak, she released her second single ‘Love me, love me, love’, a similar tune with a catchy hook too. She recently released the video to the song – trust her to have flashed some skin here and there.

It played a ripple effect for the singer – the shows started coming in, award nominations and most recently she was chosen to headline the Hennessy Artistryand was also selected to be a co-host at the Nigerian Idol season 2.

The  32-year-old singer has fast risen to the top spot that she now occupies a position of envy in the community of Nigerian divas. Another aspect at which the singer excels over her peers is her energetic and captivating stage performances. Word has it that she now attracts a fee of N800,000 per show.

A few have however raised their noses at Tiwa, suggesting her style is too ‘raunchy’ for Nigerian viewership. But if we can let the foreign videos which pose more ‘threat’ make way to our homes, why not let one of ours follow suit?

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